The Fitz Blitz Presents: Best of April Tournament

April is the best month of the year for a lot of reasons, Final Four, Masters, NBA and NHL playoffs, etc.  With that in mind, the Fitz Blitz has created a 32 team bracket, that with your input, will determine which event or activity reigns supreme.  Please print your brackets here:  Best of April Bracket

Every day this month I will post a match-up on my facebook/twitter/blog.  Whichever activity/event has the most votes on that day will move on to the next round.

Our first match-up:

1.  Halter Top Day


8.  Spring Football

The number 1 overall seed Halter Top Day is quite simply a juggernaut.  Having gone undefeated in conference play, they look to be unstoppable.  Hoping to slay Goliath is Spring Football.  College football teams everywhere tell reporters about how they are bigger, faster, and stronger.  Coaches wax on about how positive everything is but caution fans that its early.

What say you, Halter Top Day or Spring Football?


Music Monday

One EskimO – Kandi

Neko Case – People Got a Lot of Nerve

Spoon – The Mystery Zone

Vampire Weekend – Giving Up the Gun

The Top 10 Fictional Movie Sporting Events

10|  Honey Roy Palmer boxes 10 men, 24 hours in “Diggstown”  –  Diggstown is my personal sports cult classic.  I’m always a sucker for boxing movies and when you throw in Oliver Platt, James Woods, and a young and firm Heather Graham you got a deal.  The gist of “Diggstown” is that Honey Roy Palmer (Louis Gossett Jr.) must beat 10 different men in 24 hours.  Gabriel Caine (James Woods) and his fellow con man Fitz (Oliver Platt) think they have the whole event planned out but soon find out they aren’t the only con men in town.

9|   $1,000,000 bowling final in “Kingpin”  –  A one armed man (Woody Harrelson) versus the worst hairpiece in history (Bill Murray), sold!  This entire final is pure comedic/sports gold and finishes with one of the best lines in any movie when a triumphant Ernie McCracken yells “All I know is, I finally got enough money…that I can buy my way out of anything…Big Ern is above the law!”

8|  Steve Nebraska’s pitching debut in “The Scout”  –  Once you get past that Brendan Fraser is a terrible actor, “The Scout” is actually quite enjoyable, akin to any movie where Matt Damon is a badass.  I’m not going to ruin the ending but it is punctuated with a strikeout of Ozzie Smith, always a plus.

7|  Final game of the regular season in “Rookie of the Year”  –  A game of chicken, the hidden ball trick, a floater, and Gary Busey all set to the backdrop of Wrigley Field, what more could you want?  Oh, thats right John Candy doing the play by play.  “Float it, float it”

6|  Allied POW’s versus the German National Team in “Victory”  –  Sylvester Stallone + Michael Caine + Pele = cocktail of doom for the German National Team.  This trailer says it all:  

5|  The Teen Wolf’s first game in “Teen Wolf”  –  Could you imagine going to a routine high school basketball game and watching a classmate of yours turn into a werewolf?  Well “Teen Wolf”  starring Michael J Fox makes this a reality.  

4|  Final round of the 1996 US Open in “Tin Cup”  –  Following golf range pro Roy McAvoy around as he banks shots off portopotties and watching him go for it all, again and again and again on 18 would be worth the price of admission.

3|  The Championship fight in the Kumite (Bloodsport)  –  No top ten list, regardless of category, is complete without JCVD (Jean Claude Van Damme).  JCVD plays American Frank Dux who is out for revenge against reigning champion Chong Li, who injured and almost killed Frank’s friend Ray Jackson.  Along the way Frank finds love and Forest Whitaker.  Here it is, in all its glory:

2|  Play in game in “The Natural”  –  Once you get past the fact that Robert Redford is 50, the final game between the Knights and the Pirates is one for the ages.  Every single time I watch this game I get chills.  I’d even like to think that Roy Hobbs’ bloody chest inspired Curt Schilling to pitch on his bloody sock.  

1|  Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago “Rocky IV”  –  Come on, you knew it was coming.  This fight ended the Cold War, what more needs to be said?  Not a week goes by where I don’t quote Rocky IV, whether it’s “I must break you”, “He’s chopping the Russian down!”, “I fight to win! For me! For me!”, or “If I can change, and you can change, than we all can change!”